Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So the rumours of the tour are true. And it looks like Bauhaus pulled out of the UK Wireless Festival to tour with NIN, after hyping it on their site and after tons of fans bought tickets on the strength of them being there. There was no announcement; in fact, a sharp-eyed peep at the Love and Rockets forum I haunt, Torched, was the one to break the news of the NIN tour in the first place. There has been no apology yet. It was a shitstorm on the Bauhaus board today, for good reason. A peep on David's forum told us that David just sent her a thank you letter 10 days ago for a book she sent, that told her he'd see her in the UK in June, so everyone is wondering just WTF?

I agree with her, the negotiations for this kind of tour don't happen overnight. So where was the announcement? Awful that people had to hear about it from the NIN board.

This does seem like it could be a symptom of what we were all discussing over on the BH board regarding the "where's my swimming pool?" and "cult band" comments (see last post) from Danny and the band's constant struggle between money/fame and just being and creating. I mean, all of us peeps on David's forum praise David for sending out personal notes on one hand, but then there's this on the other. They are totally well known for being good to the fans, and now they are perched on a precipice again for some serious cash and recognition. Good stuff, and I wish it for them, but again, at what cost to their reputation and their fans, and yes, ultimately the music? What does this bode for Bauhaus? I do hope they don't implode under the pressure again, but I also don't want to see the band I love together and rich but have this kind of fan snub be a regular thing. Oh god, or that I will have to see them from now on at the fucking Shoreline. Swimming pools can be bought with money from the Fillmore, but I suppose MTV rotation and 16 year old allowance money are the bigger targets.

I just read something on the BH board that I hope rings true -- "they will wear their fame brilliantly." I still have faith. And I'm *sigh* still going to the Shoreline because they are still Bauhaus.


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