Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ooooh, I have just returned from the mighty Blorkfest. What, pray tell, is a "blork" you ask? It's only the most delectable cross contamination of the animal world that human has ever dreamed could exist. You know Turducken, yes? Well, just take that and throw its silly carcass out the window. Take any combination of beef, lamb, and pork, and moosh it all together to make a delicious conglomerate of meaty taste sensation. Then step back and marvel at that which you have created: BLORK.

Trevor has been thinking about blork for a long-ass time -- since we were in college, in fact. Being afraid of filthy meat, and living in a small town, we were never able to realize our dream until we moved to the Bay, with it's fine plethora o' grassfed goodness. Trevor and our friend Rich came up with the name, Rich and his wife Jen provided the space, and the Blorkfest was born. This was the third such gathering. Damn, Wikipedia is gonna be sad for flagging my blork post when this takes off. Bitches.

Our friend Mark is the blork king, and he and his wife Celia are moving to Long Island to be rockstar professors (he in Biochemistry, she in English) so this was also a farewell blorking. A toast to you two on your new journey, and a toast to your kickass blork birria, Mark. My belly sheds a tear for your absence from the next Blorkfest.

So, a rundown: blorklava (like baklava but, um, more delicious); blorkcakes (lamb and pork cupcakes with roast beef cupcake wrappers and meat pate icing); blork curry; blork chili; blork casserole; blork mole; blorkroll (pic below); roasted blork; blork birria. There was also many a bacon sidedish to savor, and lest we forget our vegetarian friends, broccoli salad, tabbouleh, and lentil cous cous. Oh, and oodles of liquid refreshment (Guinness, Newcastle, and plenty of red wine -- the only suitable accompaniments) to make it all swishy swish together nicely.


And don't forget our mascot, Blorkenstein:


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