Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Okay, I will stop mentioning David J so much very soon, I promise. But c’mon, y’all know he frikken rocks, and plus there’s something very exciting afoot. He is reissuing Crocodile Tears and the Velvet Cosh on March 28, and according to a corporate monolith that I do not support giving your money to, it will have 5 additional tracks! Even better, according to said monolith, his reissue of On Glass (his compilation of work from the time he was on Glass Records) which is being released at the same time, will have some new stuff as well – although he’s trimmed this one down and lost a couple of songs in the process.

Now I just need a special reissue of Dave’s V for Vendetta EP and I will be a very happy girl. Have you seen what this thing goes for on ebay? Last one I saw went for over $100 USD. I am trying to channel my excellent thrifting juju into finding this one in a crate somewhere – like my first Llewellyn Lucite handbag for $5, and the Jazz Butcher Real Men 12 inch that I found in a dusty forgotten crate in the Goodwill for 99 cents! *uses spirit fingers for fantastic V for Vendetta juju*

Okay, and I am so on the J's bandwagon right now, because the man is such a good egg. He just sent my forum peep a very nice little thank you letter with a bunch of sparkly goodness for her sending him some "honor cash" for the boots and used stuff she's bought of his, Bauhaus, and Love & Rockets' over the years. Good peep, she is, and good man, that J.

NP: Crocodile Tears, yo! But I’m switching to Estranged soon – another classic J album. Listen, Dave may not have the pipes that the Murph does, but he is brilliant. Give the man some love on March 28.


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