Friday, March 10, 2006

Okay, I'm a filthy liar. I am going to post about David J again. After months of speculation about his lurking ways, all of us fevered fangirls got a big surprise today. The J posted. Well, not exactly -- he posted through his mouthpiece who posts all of his updates to his site. But the update was about the forum and how very happy he is with the content and the peeps. So very polite, so very humble, so very J. Squee! As if we need more fuel for our J fire.


The Forum

Of late I have been perusing that repository of wisdom, wit and scandal known as The Forum. Stoic resistance to narcissism making this something of a rare activity (I swear!). However, having taken the plunge as it were, I must say that I have found the water to be most refreshing despite the temperature leaning towards the hot end of the scale! What an entertaining lot of bloggers you are! I love the irreverence and the witty badinage, also the shafts of real insight but most of all I love the unfettered adoration. Ha ha. Yes, much of what I read had me laughing out loud. Priceless! Write on, write on.



BTW, his Croc Tears and On Glass have been pushed back to an April 14 release. 'Tis okay -- there will be "detailed booklet" goodness to be had. Waiting...

NP: Mark Hollis, self titled. I've had this on my crap Windows Media Player at work for ages, but just recently plugged it in at home. This is a gorgeous piece of work from the vocalist of Talk Talk. Remember them? Let me jog your memory...take this song that No Doubt covered of theirs:

and add bird noises and make it a hundred times better.

This album is a departure from the Talk Talk I have heard. It is a lovely slice of jazzy, evocative, rainy day lyricism. Hard to find, but worth the effort. Hollis is right up there with Kozelek and the J (hah, fooled you, you cannot get away)


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