Saturday, March 04, 2006

So David J, musical genius, *may* or *may not be* involved in one of the movies being made about Elizabeth Short's murder.

I was excited when I heard about his involvement, and when I checked out the trailer online, what was playing as the introduction music but the J's excellent song 'The Auteur!' Apparently, he was slated to do the entire score. Listening to the ambient music in the trailer and on the site, and hearing David's new piece created for the Natural History Museum's Gem Hall in Los Angeles ('Stars and Eyes' -- check it out in iTunes) was sealing the deal for me.

Then this was posted on the J's official forum, purportedly by Ramzi Abed, the director:


David J is not involved in my movie anymore at this time. This will hopefully change, when David sees the actual finished cut of the film, but at this time, he doesn't want to associated with the film for fear of it damaging his career. David is a genius though.

Anyhow, there will be a new trailer/teaser going up, which will include new music which is not by David J. As of right now, aside from possibly two tracks made for the movie, there will be no other music by him.

Again, I hope this changes, but as of right now, out of both love and respect for David, I must comply with some of his wishes.

Thanks though...

All the best,


P.S. There is or I should say was a scene with David in the movie, but that will now be deleted. The teaser is extremely rough by the way, as is the movie right now... We've been very premature about showing it and publicizing, but then again, I'm pretty stupid about things like this. Anyhow, hopefully I will learn from my mistakes, and also make a better movie next time.

P.P.S. It will be out sometime later this year... and who knows what will happen by then?... Cheerio.

I am talentless and deserve to die this very second.


Um, okay, barring the dramamama signature he put on his post, I tend to take this guy seriously. And after watching the trailer, I do see his point about David thinking it will damage his career. Simply from the trailer, the film looks like it could be a 1) artsy, cutting edge, risk-taking film, or 2) a snuffilicious-porn-lite romp. Err, and if it's perceived by the press as the latter, David could kiss big name studios knocking on his door anytime soon goodbye (ugh, the neverending saga of the benjamins vs. the love). I have peeps on the forum who have pointed out that it's not like David has a reputation as a choir boy artist, but he does seem to be taking soundtrack work more seriously, so he could be thinking about being a little more choosy.

In any case, the score has already won an award so I really hope his finished score sees the light of day somewhere. But to tide any other J fans over, he is reissuing Crocodile Tears and the Velvet Cosh (IMHO one of his greatest albums) on March 28, with a rumored 5 new tracks. Squisito!


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