Friday, March 03, 2006

Went for a walk after delicious eggs blackstone and vanilla bourbon tea at Rockridge Cafe with Trevor and saw a peregrine falcon in a tree, by the frikken Boston Market in Oaktown, yo. A peregrine falcon! Got a close up view, and it just stared back at us like it aint no thang. What a gorgeous bird. Must have been hunting rats in the ivy. Trevor and I decided that if it flew down and lit upon us and tore our ears off as a snack, we would consider ourselves blessed by the gods. Alas, no stick.

NP: Talking Heads, Sand in the Vaseline. I just got this from my friend John, and damn if it isn't rocking my hizza. John told me that when he bought this double album and listened he realized that it is finally his time for the Heads. I understand. I never cared for them in high school when they were huge, but I cannot stop listening to them now. Brilliant. Like palates, musical tastes sometimes only get better over time. For example, I hated celery, beets, brussel sprouts, vodka, and red wine when I was in high school. Vodka and red wine, I say!


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