Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I think I've finally found my undoing. This vile and evil thing goes by the moniker, "Cheese Crunchies" and can be had at a certain Western natural foods purveyor for $1.69. The end of my life as I know it, found at the bottom of an annatto-tinged plastic bag. Shoot me now.

NP: Thievery Corporation, The Richest Man in Babylon. Trevor just got this for me, after hearing how much I liked their version of David J's "The Auteur." First listen as I type. It's a nifty international electro romp, with a heavy reggae/latin flavor, and the booklet it came with has some beautiful black and white photographs depicting what I can only describe as the condition of humanhood. Tender, even in it's brutality (or, is that brutal, even in it's tenderness?) Fitting for my mood tonight.


Blogger bunny said...

I love TC! It helps that they and some of the other big names in the scene are in my town (Thunderball, Fort Knox Five, Mustafa Akbar, etc.)! I think they get better and better - Cosmic Game is my favorite one so far. Babylon Rewound is also a fave (I love electronica lounge/whatever it's called).

March 15, 2006 at 9:28:00 AM PST  

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