Friday, November 03, 2006

At the Halloween party I attended at Mr. Stich's house, I was flabbergasted when I learned that the household of pop culture that he lives in was populated by people who had not yet seen The Juggernaut Bitch! Shame.

Oh Charles, he got in my heeeeead!

So here's where I brain dump, so I don't beat the shit out of you, Charles. Or beat the shit out of you with Charles!


I LOATHE politicians. I specifically loathe "family values" shitbags like Don Sherwood (R-PA) force-feeding us their hate disguised as protecting the sancitity of Britney Spears' right to some innocent hetero Vegas fun, and all the while he's pulling this crap. Looks like supporting a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and voting to attempt to prevent gay couples from adopting just wasn't enough to protect his marriage from the Sodom and Gomorrah the gays have wrought. It must be those pesky San Francisco Values again. Those scheming gays are to blame, Don, we know.

I also LOATHE this horseshit. Yay, another hole in one for our ridiculously abysmal infant mortality rate. You should be proud, Charlie Norwood, R-GA. Denying healthcare to people who are not only citizens, but who will be here no matter what you do, because their parents are trying to make a better life for their KIDS, not only denies them a basic human right, but sets them up for failure, if not death. And if their parents are illegal and in low-wage or dangerous jobs that may expose them to sickness, pesticides, etc.? Who gets exposed to that as well, and then exposed to your kids in school? At the very least, think about the health of our country as a whole.

Oh, wait that's part of the plan, isn't it? Let's keep them sick or kill them off, and then we'll work on kicking the ones who live out of school, and keeping them uneducated, at a later date. The natural progression.

Gag. How do these people look at themselves in the mirror?


This rules! From Diesel, A Bookstore:

Female writers have always been in the vanguard of the graffiti movement, though often shunted to the sidelines by their male counterparts. This exhaustive volume places them front and center, featuring 1,000 full-color illustrations from some of the world's most prominent artists, including Brazil's Nina, Japan's Sasu, Mexico's Peste, and the Americans Lady Pink, Swoon, and Miss 17. Two eight-page fold-out collages, a fold-out poster jacket, and an authoritative text round out the impressive package. The first and only comprehensive survey of its kind.

The creations chronicled in this book range from simple to simply divine. Amazing skill and feminist positivity abound. Check it out!


Eric Forman as Venom in Spiderman 3. WTF? Where the hell have I been?

Apparently the pics of Venom are under wraps, unless you're into this or this. Oooh, but the new Spidey graphic on the website makes me giddy. And I'm not a Tobey fan, but me likey.


NP: Rosegarden Funeral of Sores, John Cale

I just bought the 7" single of John Cale's "Rosegarden Funeral of Sores" today. Or rather, "Mercenaries (Ready for War)" and the B-side is Rosegarden. I'd never before heard the original, just the Bauhaus version. I have to say, wow!

I like both versions for different reasons. Cale's is magnetically subtle musically (except for that insistent bassline that is the sex), but also growling and dangerous. I can see why Bauhaus was drawn to cover it -- it's a wide expanse of different possibilities.

Bauhaus' is more epic and glam throughout, and has white hot heat. Daniel Ash's guitarwork is phenomenal, like a saw buzzing through your head. And while frequent sine qua non subject David J kept the bass straight up Cale for Bauhaus' version, I definitely like the consistent slide he's added to the live Bauhaus incarnations of their version as of late. Hot.


That's all I got. Whew!


Blogger knaakwood said...

Your a one-person network of information and a compendium of knowledge across the vast reaches of contemprary culture.
I had the original grafitti book, the brother of the volume you show here- though this particular one was wrapped in plastic in B&N last I saw.. though I am considering throwing down the cash to aquire it.
I sold it in a yard sale, though, to an old man in Hillcrest in the aquisition of rental funds-

If "referendum i" passes here, the gay marriage thing, as well as Amendment 44, the legalization of pot, then in Denver you will be able to enter into a union with a same sex partner while high on marijuana, which is the hallmark of cultral progress in my opinion.
There is one thing I do understand, though, is what is at the heart of both sides of the coin~ the anxiety-driven christians and the embattled gay and alternative movements.
People should just chill the fuck out.. but one's rearin' is a difficult thing to handle objectively so I forgive to morons regardless.
And now more coffee to stay the hangover.


November 5, 2006 at 9:24:00 AM PST  

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