Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I actually wanted to post a picture of new Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo giving a high-five or shotgunning an Asahi Super "Dry" or doing an Arthur Fonzerelli impersonation or summat, but I guess it’s too early in his career for him to be totally cool or anything like that. You’ll just have to settle instead for the captain of cool, outgoing PM Koizumi Junichiro. You could always rely on him and his impressive hairdo for a fun photo-op, that rascal. I'll miss you and your wacky hi-jinks, good sir. *sniff*

Anyway, contrary to my previous post about the woe that is the appointment of Abe Shinzo as Japan’s new PM, I am cautiously optimistic about Abe getting out there right away and communing with his neighboring countries. On China and Yasukuni Shrine:

Abe told [Chinese President] Hu that the Yasukuni Shrine issue will be handled "appropriately."

"I explained (to the Chinese leaders) that I will not say whether I visited or I will visit Yasukuni Shrine as long as it remains a diplomatic and political problem," Abe said. "From the viewpoint of solving political difficulties (between the two nations), I will handle (the issue) appropriately. I believe I gained (their) understanding" with this explanation.

Uh, yeah, sure, makes perfect sense. But I do like this:

Abe said he and the Japanese people regret that Japan caused tremendous damage, pain and serious scars on people in other parts of Asia during World War II.

The two leaders agreed to start a joint study on history before the end of the year.

Good job, Abe, and stick with it will ya, because y’all got regional lunatic Kim Jong-il and his nuclear arsenal to look out for now too, so it’s even more important for Japan’s government to ally itself with other countries rather than continue to insult them with nationalistic BS.

Speaking of Japan possibly softening their hardline on other Asian peeps, particularly Koreans, I was heartened to see that when Japanese protesters gathered outside the Tokyo headquarters of the pro-Pyongyang General Association of Korean Residents in Japan after North Korea’s first nuclear test, the National Police Agency of Japan called on local police forces to not only maintain safety but to stay vigilant over the activities of right-wing groups critical of North Korea.

Kudos to Japan for their social equality gestures. But I do have to say good god, WTF about Kim Jong-il. Looney-tunes. I just read today that a North Korean rep said that Pyongyang would consider sanctions as a declaration of war. Sorry Kim, but declaring war on the UN Security Council for issuing sanctions means not only the US, but your allies Russia and China too. It’s not just one big bad bully, it’s the global community that just isn’t too happy with you.

Anyway, Kim, you gotta know what (scary) thing Japan has got on its side, that will literally go nuclear on your ass should you attempt to gank its dibs on trashing Tokyo and its environs, don’tcha?

That's right, bitches.



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