Friday, October 20, 2006

Saw The Decemberists last night at the Warfield. I love the Warfield, even if it has shittier acoustics than my favorite San Francisco venue, the Fillmore (which I had no idea is owned by Clear Channel until today -- grrrr) and surlier staff. Did you know that Slayer played a show they recorded for a DVD at the Warfield? I can't even imagine what that was like. Nevermind, yes I can -- completely badass, but only from a safe distance, like the balcony or this DVD. I'm not 18 anymore.

But I digress -- The Decemberists, last night, my first time seeing them live. So good. Contrary to Slayer, the Decemberists had a little English dandy voice reciting a primer before the show that advised us to introduce ourselves to the person standing next to us, and to be polite to each other during the show. And this was probably the most polite show I've ever been to.

I still don't care for the new album so much. Too shallow and repetitive lyrically, giving many songs a throwaway "pop" feel (but only when compared to past albums -- it's not a terrible record, and really it's quite reasonable for a major label debut). Damn though, the band is so charming and spot on when they play, and the bulk of their stuff is so genius, that it doesn't matter what they play, it all sounds great. Even the new stuff that seems a little too polished and pedestrian and lacking a story you can fall into had me wanting to dance with it's infectious beats and earnest Colin Meloy vocals. They were really enjoying themselves and the audience -- very giving and totally engaged. It was a really fun show. And every single person in that band can play at least 3 instruments, if not 5 or 6, and sometimes 2 at a time. Very impressive.

Colin Meloy was also charming as ever, his voice was wonderful, and his banter with the crowd was awesome. He congratulated us for braving the area around the Warfield at night, and gave us a hilarious bit about walking through the Tenderloin from his hotel to get to the show and his experience with the broad daylight crack deals. He took a guy's cell phone and used it to play guitar, and then called an entry for "Mom" and sang for her. Charmer!

A lot of audience singalong too, a Decemberists trademark. Super show, I highly recommend them when they come through your town. They remember and know what it's like to be a fan and what a concert experience should be like. Good folks, and wonderful musicians. Here's a youtube vid of an unreleased song they did a couple of nights ago -- same set design and song last night.

Oooh, and on another note, lookie what we got today...

I love all things Hellboy, but I love Roger the best. May you continue to rest in peace.

Trevor picked up the whole of the incredibly well-made Hellboy figures from Series 2 today, save for "Rocket Hellboy" since we already have "Closed Mouth Hellboy" from Series 1, as well as Liz Sherman and Lobster Johnson from that run as well.

BUT...most sadly badass, and poking not only my hellish tendency to collect, but my evil otaku tendency to grieve ever so slightly when I tear open the packages (that's right, you read me right, Trevor and I break the seals on these puppies – my ongoing homage to the fact you only live once, nerds) is that the figure we hunted high and low for, the one that we wanted most of all, the figure that is impossible to find, that bad mofo, the Kriegaffe, is not only impossible to find, but has gone up to $60 US. From $16.95! That is $60 in the package, of course.

But I still don't care that we opened the Kreigaffe. He looks so cool on our bookshelf, free from his heat molded constraints. You can’t keep a mad Nazi-controlled monkey down. And the Alien figure (the rare one from Series 2) has all kinds of cool shit on his back that you can’t see if you keep him in his little plastic prison.

Tremble before our disregard to price guides! Bwaahahahahahahaha!


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