Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm fascinated by the continued proliferation of the ironic moustache/aviators look. When I'm not thinking about serious things like the state of our planet, like when I'm waiting for a table with my pint outside my friendly neighborhood Lanesplitter, I feel strangely transfixed yet also despondent when I see not merely one, but more than say, five, young whippersnappers with what looks like mange as a haircut and said moustache and shades, riding ten-speeds in a cavalcade of too-small t-shirts and ultra low rise highwater pants. It's getting almost as bad as the Vulcan haircut from a few years ago, and that was baaaaaaaaaad.

Check it, yo -- this is the only time that an ironic moustache and aviator shades looks cool. And this is the only person who can wear a vulcan hairdo and not look silly.

Kids these days. At least lose the mange. You gotta reeesssspek.


Very stoked on the Lady Sovereign/Eurythmics mashup I heard today. Get it here.


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