Sunday, August 20, 2006

Attended the benefit for Devon tonight. He was shot in the back of the head during a home invasion, and although he was in a coma and only 10 percent of people survive this type of injury, he is now up and talking and in a rehabilatation center now. It is truly amazing.

Such a beautiful turnout of folks who came by to support Devon's recovery, his girlfriend, and each other, and to buy raffle tickets and beer from Acme Bar --who was donating 100 percent of their Trumer Pils sales to the fund, on top of a percentage of the rest of the bar. Trumer keg was dry before eleven! $6000 worth of tattoo time from various artists in the East Bay and San Francisco was donated for the raffle, as well as various gift items from local shops -- most worth over $100. There's already been close to $8,000 raised for his recovery fund.

I am also just so humbled in my own life too by the love and support that is being gathered and offered and spread amongst his friends and loved ones, and the knowledge that energy and spirit has got to be affecting his recovery. People can visit him now too, so that stimulation will only help speed his healing.

I've been focusing way too much energy on things that just don't matter at all, and hearing about Devon registered but was so shocking that I think it made me go into a sort of mental block, and I chose to focus even more on the things that would maybe take me away from the horror of it. Tonight really sobered me up. Life is full of trifles, but we don't have to concern ourselves with it. We make choices. Life is really all about love.

To make a donation:

Devon Get Better Fund
c/o Sacred Tattoo
707 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607


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