Monday, August 21, 2006

Electric Dragon 80000V may be the most badass movie that I have never seen. I feel like I already got my theater ticket price worth just from reading this:

Reptile investigator Dragon Eye Morrison has possessed high-voltage superpowers ever since a childhood accident at a power station. With megawatts of power coursing through his body, he discharges his surplus energy by playing high voltage rock 'n' roll with his electric guitar. He spends his days looking for lost lizards in the alleyways of Tokyo, and his nights fighting the reptilian part of his brain that is making him increasingly violent. A shadowy figure named Thunderbolt Buddha soon surfaces and begins following Dragon Eye about town. A former TV repairman turned super-villain, Thunderbolt Buddha uses his high-powered love of technological devices to aid in his evil plans. Powered-up to the max in his electrical body suit, the two finally come face to face in an all out electrified rock 'n' roll battle for the supremacy of Tokyo.


Speaking of Japan, eavesdropped in Norikonoko, for your consideration:

Cute little girl with index finger glued to upper lip: "Mommy, my finger is still stinky."
Mommy (in best Charlie Brown adult sounding voice): "whawhawhawha, wha wha, wha wha wha."
Girl: "Really? But I touched poo."
Mommy: "whawhawha whawha, wha, whawhawha wha wha"
Girl, finger still firmly in place: "I don't like it."


NP: Beirut, Gulag Orkestar. Coming highly recommended by indie-rock young'ns and the odd quirky rockstar old enough to be my daddy, Beirut is a 20 year old kid from Albuquerque, New Mexico who plays music (with the help of other talented like-minded folks from bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, among others) that is redolent with old world charm. And while the lyrics are just so-so, he delivers them with a voice that is penetrating yet not heavy-handed. I do love the ukelele too. It is an impressive, yet very short, debut record for someone so young.

And just because he heavily utilizes accordian and violin, and I am stubborn, I am going to forgo the traditional Eastern European music comparison and just say instead that it is quite melodic, romantic, and rustic. Okay, and I suppose, perhaps, it is not unlike vodka and a warm fire built on the onset of bitter cold whilst waiting for the knock on the door from the tax collector, or the Czech infantry, or a beautiful girl whose smile makes your heart sing.


Blogger LoveMyBradly said...

Hi Ammie!! I'm so glad you mentioned Electric dragon... I believe it's a Sohgo Ishii movie?? ah well, he shot my favourite film, that is Halber Mensch or Half-Man ;P and Electric dragon has Tadanobu Asano and "the best guitar solo in the history of industrial music" :D
Beirut... I witnessed them live a few weeks ago... live they sound rather good, the boy's indeed very cute ;)) but the album, I wasn't so impressed - maybe that's just a matter of taste. anyway, live they are very lively ;P

August 22, 2006 at 2:44:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Trevor said...

Hey, wasn't Tadanobu Asano also Ichii the Killer? Heh, I guess he's goin' for the violent-sexy thing. Hah! I just thought of the old saying "if you see the buddha, kill him," so I guess that makes Electric Dragon a Zen monk!

August 23, 2006 at 8:33:00 PM PDT  

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