Thursday, July 27, 2006

There is a band out of New York that I recently discovered that is just the bee’s knees right now for me, and they are so good I cannot keep them to myself. May I present to you, the Funeral Crashers.

So very Joy Division, with glimmers of Bauhaus, smidgens of Faith and the Muse, a pinch of Swans, and topped off with a splash of Ned’s Atomic Dustbin thrown in for good measure (haha, can you tell I heart Wikipedia?).

But while I can definitely hear these influences, at the same time, Funeral Crashers have their own sound, and are far less derivative and loads more talented than that god-awful bastardization rip-off of Joy Division, She Wants Revenge, who is currently enjoying tons of undeserved airplay. My only solace at this travesty is that somewhere Ian Curtis is laughing hysterically – at SWR; at me, for bitching; at Bernard Sumner’s “c’mon!” that he infects New Order’s cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart with; at the state of the music industry; at this abomination; at Hooky’s scary grandpa child molester look; at the fact I just paid over $30 for two of Joy Division’s shows from 1979 and 1980 on vinyl; or just in general.

My money’s on just a big old belly-laugh in general.

By the way, I’m putting this out here now so that y’all cannot laugh at me later – a little birdie told me that I may be forced to actually pay to listen to SWR soon. More later, sweets.

So, back to bands that should open for Bauhaus on their next tour. I’d put the Funeral Crashers up there with Interpol as far as Joy Divisionesque bands go – they are at least that good. They have an album coming out soon, and are playing clubs in the NYC area as I type. Check out their song Malediction here (and others on their website), support this kickass band by buying the record when it comes out, and get your booty out there to see their show if they're in your neighborhood. Sorted.


Blogger LoveMyBradly said...

oh, thanks for the mp3 you posted! an interesting band! brings back my adolescent years! ;P
and, of course, better than She wants revenge!!

August 1, 2006 at 3:51:00 AM PDT  

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