Sunday, August 13, 2006

I have nothing to write about as of late, so this will do nicely, right?

This is a glorious pic of David J taken at the Bauhaus Tivoli show in Utrecht on Thursday, August 10 by Rene, a bauhausmusik forum peep. A show that by all accounts was an odd departure from their normal shows because it was rife with inexplicable guitar problems that were plaguing them from the previous two shows, the setlist was practically nonexistent, and it seemed there was tension onstage -- Peter Murphy was seen coming out to move Daniel Ash's mic stand to the center and settling back in the shadows at first to sing. Apparently Bauhaus left the stage for 20 minutes and the show was announced as over, but then after much booing and throwing of plastic cups, they came out and did a stellar Bela Lugosi's Dead.

So, since the first whisper of problems on Bauhaus' second headlining night at London's Forum on August 8, the bauhausmusik forum has just been a mass of premature speculation that this was, indeed, the predicted end, and that they were breaking up. Given their history of not getting along for long as the bestest of friends, their forked musical paths, and the rumored egotrips of Mr. Ash and Mr. Murphy, people were flipping out. Now that they've followed up with a decent showing at the M'era Luna Festival in Germany Saturday, the crazy shitstorm of conjecture has simmered down a bit, and I just have to say *sigh*

Looking ever so brightly forward to the new album (Kevin was quoted as saying to fans at the Forum that the new tracks sound really good) and, of course, a new tour.


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