Saturday, July 29, 2006

I have been coveting the sumptuous handcrafted beads of San Diego area glass goddess, ceramicist, and cello-playing punk rock mama, Joyce Rooks, for quite some time, and recently picked up some of her beautiful black and white stamped beads for a bracelet I'm making. Believe me when I say her beads are some of the most gorgeous beads I have ever laid eyes upon. Stunning.

Joyce uses a technique called lampworking to make her beads. Her careful mixing of colored glass results in some very striking beads. They are exquisite, like little pieces of treasure or Willy Wonkaesque candy. It is no wonder that her beads go by names like "planetscape" and "spun sugar". I often find myself wanting to put them in my mouth, they are that delectable. And to add to their allure, when they arrived in my mailbox, it was like unwrapping something illicit and naughty.

You need these beads. You are worth it. Go get 'em.


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