Thursday, June 04, 2009


Amid Hard Times, An Influx In Real Superheroes

Mr. Ravenblade, Mr. Xtreme, Dark Guardian and hundreds of others. Some with elaborate costumes, others with haphazardly stitched outfits, they are appearing on city streets worldwide watching over the populace like Superman watched over Metropolis and Batman over Gotham City.

As people become disillusioned from financial woes and a downtrodden economy and look to put new purpose in their lives, everyday folks are taking on new personas to perform community service, help the homeless and even fight crime.

There are apparently even organizations that encourage folks in this direction and offer support, like Superheroes Anonymous.


When I first read this article, I did give a little chortle. But in the context of helping others, if this is what gives people purpose and encourages community activism, why not?

Okay, I suppose the "why not" might involve people becoming unrealistic about what their new personas can and should be doing in the community. And not to go all Watchmen on you, but adding anonymity to the equation could further those problems.

But forget about trying to deconstruct the political and social implications behind such things. I'm such a killjoy! Let's just say we live in interesting times. Now to think of a superhero name...

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Blogger Trevor said...

How about The Saudadinantor? Or Hand of Justice? Or perhaps Atomic Bombshell?

Hopefully, we won't see any Villains Anonymous--though Nature does abhor a vacuum...

June 4, 2009 at 3:33:00 PM PDT  

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