Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It is about time.

When Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies asked a thousand women who they would most like to lick, they picked the newest Bond, Daniel Craig. So Del Monte got working on a limited-edition "license to chill" ice lolly based on a beach scene from "Casino Royale." It's no doubt the first popsicle with abs.

I'm loving equal opportunity objectification! Thank you third wave.

I'll admit, I can get on a Daniel Craig lolly. The sad thing is, Craig is supposedly quite a sweet man, but let's face it, he's so hot because -- I'm just going to say it -- he looks like he will hurt you *ahem* rough. Any Daniel Craig popsicle has to look good but taste like bad boyfriend.

Now to make delicious frozen treats that look like James McAvoy (Scotch), Bradley Cooper (watermelon), Zachary Quinto's Spock (milk tea with tapioca), Snape (blackberries), John Cho (coconut), and Jason Statham (chocolate), and I think they'll have almost all of my bases covered.

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