Thursday, July 05, 2007

I think I actually squeed out loud when I read this bit of serendipity today. Old habits die hard.

For the uninitiated who don't know why I squee, a little more info from Wikipedia:

In 1995, Jack Wagner, known for his role as Frisco Jones on General Hospital, arrived [on Melrose Place] as the charismatic and corrupt Dr. Peter Burns. Peter tormented Amanda [Woodward, played by Heather Locklear], nearly killing her on the operating table before he was arrested. But for all his crimes, Peter was the first man to be the equal of ice queen Amanda. Sensing the chemistry, producers quickly made Wagner a contract player, and Amanda/Peter would remain a popular on-again, off-again couple for the remainder of the series.

It's all just too sweet.

And good lawd, I must still have it bad for MP -- just watching this intro is satisfying. Oy, and who can forget the catfights? They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Now if Marcia Cross would just hook up with Thomas Calabro, all will be right in the world. ;)



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