Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh how I am fascinated by the Japanese aesthetic and their drive for convenience and novelty, even if these watermelons cost up to $200 American and that also means I come home from visits with things that I would never in a million years use here and might rage about when I blog about plastic ruining the environment (though, truth be told, those ingenious pieces of plastic waste were given to me with my to-go tea and I brought them home to reuse. Only slightly better, I know, but give a girl a bit of slack!)

As an aside to this, thank god that Oakland is finally banning plastic bags. We're on our way.

So apparently square watermelons are all the blogosphere rage right now, and people are marveling at how expensive they are. I'll tell you what though, that is probably the best damn watermelon you will ever have.

Best strawberries I ever had? Japanese. Best peaches? Japanese. And perfect-looking fruit they were too, like something out of a produce fantasy. True, they cost me an arm and leg, and they may have been sprayed with god knows what to prevent pests, genetically engineered to resemble unblemished plastic food, and pumped with flavorings, but damn!

I'm only slightly kidding about that. All of the eggs I've ever cooked in Japan seem to lack the unappetizing chalazae and I'm sure that's been genetically engineered. Japan's food is too perfect to be natural.

Anyway, fruit. Help me, I think I wanted this still life fruit holder when I first saw it:

And I think that means I am definitely part of the doucheoisie. Heavens. Though I'm more shocked I actually enjoyed reading Details last month.

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