Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You have to respect someone who can pull this off.

Not the cute little hat (well, actually, yes, the hat too), but the health care for all Californians dealio that Governor Schwarzenegger (still weirds me out to say that) is talking about.

Health care is such a huge issue in the States. We’re the most powerful, wealthy country in the world, and yet over 15 percent of Americans lack health insurance; in California, one of the most expensive states in the Union to eke out an existence, that number is closer to 21 percent. It’s outrageous, and shameful, and the situation is so dire that it requires no more band-aids, but a giant overhaul to the system.

A giant overhaul like this plan. Excuse the dramatic use of paragraph change, but I’m excited, yo!

I like the preliminaries of his plan. I like that it’s bold, and that it outlines concrete ideas within a flexible skeleton. It will require reality checks here and there (for example, a salary of $60,000/year for a family of four in a rural area of California is quite different than $60,000/year for a family of four in a metropolitan area – there should not be a one size fits all for Medi-Cal or Healthy Families eligibility), but I think it could really work. I like that doctors and hospitals pay a percentage of revenue into the plan. ‘Tis better than paying for a whole department to oversee collections on unpaid bills, and then still possibly not getting paid at all.

This is also great:

Require insurance companies and hospitals to use 85 percent of revenues from premium payments for patient care rather than profits and administrative costs.

Hell yes, make these organizations finally account for their premium to service ratio, just like responsible nonprofits.

So, Arnold, I can hardly believe it, but I finally approve of something you are doing. My only fears? Greed, people still stuck in the Cold War fear of the spectre of Socialism, and the “don't tread on me” mentality.

Greedy monkeys and paranoids, you get no love from me. But okay, okay, if you fall into the last category, I feel you, a little. But listen, there comes a time where we have to work together to make life better for everyone. Making a profit off the unfortunate is not a right, it's just horrible.

Now for something completely different...sweet mamajama!

From David J's MySpace:

February, 14 2007 at Cafe Du Nord
2170 Market St., San Francisco, California
Cost : $20/$16 advance.

'Massacre And Mascara' A special Saint Valentine's Day performance featuring David J's Cabaret Oscuro with:Vinsantos, Fauxnique, Lila Sklar, Jess Ivry, Kenny Annis

I'm there!

NP: Interpol, 'Leif Erikson'


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