Sunday, January 07, 2007

Randomness post...

Okay, so the Mark Kozelek disc is FANTASTIC. A must for any Kozelek fan, but a great introduction to him as well. Gorgeous.

Mark Kozelek, 'Moorestown' from Little Drummer Boy Live

I totally forgot to mention this, but come to find two different friends were at a new year's party in West Oakland on a major thoroughfare where at midnight the neighbors shot off multiple automatic assault rifles into the air. Repeatedly. For 20 minutes. And no cops ever showed up. Ah, Oakland, sweet Oakland...

Listened to the new Deerhoof album last night at my friend's place, which is scheduled for release on the 23rd. Different musically than other Deerhoof. Maybe a little less densely layered or orchestral and more immediately "melodic." In fact, if it hadn't been for Satomi Matsuzaki's vocals, I wouldn't have guessed. But it rocked!

At my friend's house there were actually people who hadn't seen my favorite all-occasion gift ever, and as such I have decided to be the millionth person since the end of December to post it in their blog. Do I get a prize?

And just because my sister loved ours:


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