Monday, January 15, 2007

Why, hello there.

So, about my lack of sympathy (13 percent! C'mon! It's not that bad!) for lamers and haters and Peters and such -- I am gently reminded (thank you, kind soul) that I am looking to this year to deepen my sense of community and explore the tenets of Buddhism a little more in depth. That means letting lamers and haters and Peters and things like that pass over me and through me (thank you, Frank Herbert).

Speaking of, I joined the Oakland Y today. Talk about community. I was so impressed with just how welcoming and lovely everyone was, from the membership coordinator, to the "ambassador" who took me on a tour, to the half-nekkid ladies in the locker room who stopped to show me the way through its labyrinth to the pool area. They have so many different community partnership programs too -- CPR and first aid certification, rowing partnerships with the folks who row in the morning on Lake Merritt, and special exercise programs for senior citizens which includes a weekly social. I was so impressed I think I may volunteer when I get situated.

Big yay things this week:

Bought one of my favorite prints of our neighbor's at his art show at Mama Buzz on First Friday. Sharky.

Yippee too to Rebecca, who will sell her condo this week, give a two week notice to her job, and begin her odyssey from Florida to Pennsylvania for family time, then off to Europe for the NIN tour, and then back to Phoenix for a new and exciting life on the Westside, yo. And if all works out, she is going to Japan in May for NIN, and I may go with her!

She's never been to Nihon. She loves to shop and get out there and go crazy (of which, we know, Nihon is Mecca). We may meet for the first time in Tokyo. I've never actually met someone in person who is also a David J otaku. Loads of girly fun, squee, and possible eye-roll sprain for Trevor are nigh!

And finally, speaking of Nihon, my friend Todd (who may be the only person who loves gyoza more than me) is going at the end of January for a Sake Professional Course. All the way to Japan, for a course on fermented rice, you say? Yes! Todd is gearing up to open an izakaya (holy smokes, is everything under the sun on Wikipedia?) and sake bar in San Francisco soon, and the man is taking some time to not only chill in the country of half of his origin, but become an even bigger sake badass. So excited for him! Even though he still refuses to put me in his carry on.


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