Monday, May 22, 2006

Oy, it was a weekend of art extravaganzas! Friday night the hubby and I took a pint or two in over at the Acme Bar in Berkeley to support our favorite local tattoo artist, David Moore from Truelove Tattoo, in his tattoo artwork show. Dave is a really cool guy, and his artwork, as well as his custom tattoos -- both of which you can see on his site -- are killer. From the moment you walk into his shop, you feel a really good energy, and a lot of that has to do with Dave's no bullshit attitude and the fact that he is just a really nice, hardworking guy who loves to make beautiful tattoos. The hubby's had most of his work done at Dave's shop, and I think I'll be going under the needle there as well in the near future.

Dave sold three pieces of work in the hour or so we were there, which he seemed very surprised by. He's just such a good guy, so both of us were really happy to see such a good turnout and see his artwork selling.

Then on Sunday, the book release party for Bay Poetics, the gigantic Bay Area poetry anthology that my sweetie-pie was asked to contribute work to, was had at numero uno Oakland art space 21 Grand. Great fun, with a monstrous turnout and much love to be had. I've blogged about this anthology before, so in lieu of my review, I'm going to bunk out and let poet Ron Silliman do the honors. He really sums up this mammoth and beautiful book, as well as the kudos to the task of editing it, quite well.

BTW, speak of the devil, next weekend is the annual art benefit for 21 Grand. This is a much anticipated event around these parts, especially for poor art appreciators like me and mine. Dozens of local artists donate work to 21 Grand that will in turn be sold for under $100, and all proceeds benefit this fantastic multiuse art space. From erotic electronica to poetry readings to art shows to maximum rock and roll, this space has been a fixture for us, and their support and love for Oakland has made them the linchpin for the Oakland art scene. If you're around these parts, give 'em some love on June 2nd at 7 pm (sharp -- the artwork flies out of there!), or go to their website and donate a few bills.


Blogger LoveMyBradly said...

Oh! thanks for the reply!! "everyone's very vocal about social problems at home"- that's about Russia, too)) we have the same thing.

David Moore site... wonderful! I was just thinking about doing a tattoo... sadly, I don't live in the US))

and... I've found the Berlin boot at Soulseek!!! was it you who uploaded it?? hell thanx!!!!!!! ^ ^ It's being downloaded very slowly, I've downloaded only the intro by now, but it sends great shivers down my spine. I'm sure that orgasmic scream at the end of the intro was mine. ))

May 23, 2006 at 8:26:00 AM PDT  
Blogger CJKnaak said...

I think this is awesome
people getting together for creative purposes. I would like to read the stuff..I'll have to look at the links after this post.

What if one day in the future, when all physical needs are met..
There will be artists who make art and are esteemed for their art and not their cars
and the rest of humanity will have giant watery eyeballs swimming with liquid crystal nano-visions of whatever the artists create.. and art itself will reproduce and create more art.. (like beautiful parasites)
And digital will have become relational.. where information is not stored in bits.. but in relationship between bits.. and pictures will come from the relationship between bits

tangent hell.

anyways, sorry. I do like the idea of people gathering for creative purposes.. in any case. I would like to read more of Trevors Writings, as well.. I'll look for a link on your blog here.


I am taking a night off of anything and everything.. and this is what comes of it. Connected tenously to life through this etherial tether to your own genuine life experiences.

But I like it.

May 28, 2006 at 9:21:00 PM PDT  

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