Friday, June 12, 2009


Flaming Lips, Black Francis, Dandy Warhols, More Pay Tribute to Love and Rockets

Look at this tracklist! Look at these artists!

1. All In My Mind - Black Francis
2. Holiday On The Moon - Puscifer
3. Love Me - War Tapes
4. No New Tale To Tell - Blaqk Audio
5. I Feel Speed - Dubfire
6. Inside The Outside - The Dandy Warhols
7. Kundalini Express - The Flaming Lips
8. Life In Laralay - Sweethead
9. An American Dream - Film School
10. The Light - A Place To Bury Strangers
11. Mirror People - Monster Magnet vs Adrian Young
12. Fever - The Stone Foxes
13. No Big Deal - Frankenstein 3000
14. It Could Be Sunshine - VEX
15. So Alive - Better Than Ezra
16. Lazy - Chantal Claret vs Adrian Young
17. Sweet F.A. - Ian Moore
18. No Words No More - Snowden


Except, um, Better Than Ezra. Really? Though I suppose the top 40 hit "So Alive" is a fitting song for them to do.

I am a tad disappointed there is nothing from the original release of my favorite Love and Rockets album, their debut Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven (an album that contains the song that is my online namesake). But I cannot imagine that I will be disappointed in Black Francis and The Flaming Lips -- I hope they do something outrageous with those two fantastic songs.

Artwork is by Shepard Fairey. Fairey is good friends with LNR bassist, vocalist, and frequent sine qua non subject David J, and has been THE it boy in "underground" art (or, to be more fitting, guerrilla marketing) for some time.

I've really never understood the attraction of Fairey's work (and actually think he's a hypocritical tosser), but I can give it to him that he definitely helped get Barack Obama into office with his iconic "Hope" portrait. Anyway, points to Fairey for incorporating the era of LNR with an 80s/90s vibe: tribal/industrial artwork and the classic black and white and red of the Express and S/T albums.

Looking forward to this!

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