Thursday, March 06, 2008

In case you didn't know...

Men Who Do More Housework May Get More Sex.

I hope my taxes aren't funding these oh-so-surprising conclusions! :)

Also, C.W. Nevius in the SF Chron today gets it right when he says that everyday life is the best argument for gay marriage.

I'm really for civil unions for all, and think we'd gain a lot more converts quickly if we lobbied for both straight and gay unions to be recognized as civil unions instead of marriage by the State and Feds for tax, inheritance, etc. purposes, and then recognized marriage as only a religious, extraneous thing that is personal and private.

But I digress: gay unions becoming commonplace and acceptable by most is inevitable, and this is common knowledge to me and many people I know, but it is still nice to read this in print -- at the very least, in order to keep the faith while we trudge forward through the haters toward that destination:

At the end of the day, when the change comes to allow same-sex marriage - and it's coming, don't kid yourself - it won't be because of protests. It will be because people in this state, and across the country, are talking to gay and lesbian co-workers and neighbors, meeting same-sex couples and their kids at Little League games, and working at companies with domestic-partner health plans.


It is that familiarity driving the change in perception. Polls tell us that those born before 1940 are probably a lost cause. But those in their 40s, for example, have seen a dramatic uptick in support for same-sex marriage. And the real sea change is among the teens and twentysomethings who seem to wonder what the fuss is all about.

When my parents were children, it was illegal in the State of California for them to marry and/or have children. My father once told me of an interracial couple who were tarred and feathered in my hometown when he was a small child in the late 1930s.

These horribly backward things are, thankfully, just ugly, fading memories for many Americans now. But they are very relevant in the fight to recognize full equal rights for gay unions. So, it is good to be reminded of this truth: in my lifetime, anti-gay marriage platforms and the moral panic around gay folk that feeds it will go the way of anti-miscegenation laws.

It is just so tiresome fighting the haters, and waiting!

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