Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I think my sweetheart posted the most fitting and honorable tribute to the late D&D creator, Gary Gygax, that I've had the pleasure to read.

The poem he includes, by the magnificent César Vallejo (and translated by the incomparable Clayton Eshleman), bears reposting here.

RIP, Gary Gygax. May your modifiers be plentiful, and your dice always come to rest 20 up.

The Eternal Dice

My God, I am crying over the being I live;
it grieves me to have taken your bread;
but this poor thinking clay
is no scab from your side:
you do not have Marys who leave you!

My God, had you been a man,
today you would know how to be God;
but you, who were always fine,
feel nothing for your own creation.
Indeed, man suffers you; God is he!

Today there are candles in my sorcerer eyes,
as in those of a condemned man--
my God, you will light all of your candles
and we will play with the old die...
Perhaps, oh gambler, throwing for the fate of
the whole universe,
Death's dark-circled eyes will come up,
like two funeral snake eyes of mud.

My God, and this deaf, gloomy night,
you will not be able to gamble, for the Earth
is a worn die now rounded from
rolling at random,
it cannot stop but in a hollow,
the hollow of an immense tomb.

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