Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm so sick with the flu. I only get sick about once a year, so woo-hoo -- here's hoping I've put my time in for the rest of 2008 because this flu has been a royal pain in the ass.

Positive side, I do get a bit of time to catch up with some things. Like this freaky Japanese real doll website my friend sent me. Totally NSFW unless you work in the sex industry or in an office full of horny dudes in a country with no sex harassment laws, but you must check it out if only for the "breasts motion picture" in the Q&A. Creepy, but I suppose someone who is spending upwards of six grand for silicone companionship needs to know these things. Also watch for the explanations of the "marriage hole" options. The Japanese take their craftsmanship very seriously.

In more tame unreal women news, I just picked up Woman's World by Graham Rawle.

From Diesel, A Bookstore:

Painstakingly assembled from 40,000 fragments of text snipped from womens magazines, this strange and wonderful novel moves at the breakneck pace of a pulp thriller. A stunning visual tour de force, "Womans World" is also a powerful reflection on society's definition of what it means to be a woman.

Check it out:

(you really really should click to embiggen)

How cool is that? Even if the story ends up so-so, the book is a piece of art.

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