Friday, November 16, 2007

Johnette Napolitano, of Concrete Blonde fame, is currently touring, with one of my favorite folk, David J, as opening act. Check out her MySpace for samples of some fresh and always haunting vocalizations, as well as tourdates in your neck of North America, and see here for a small article in the San Francisco Chronicle on David J, heralding the Cafe du Nord show tomorrow.

Got all nostalgic when I was surfing Gootube for some footage of recent shows and found this, her current take on the Concrete Blonde classic, 'Joey,' from the 1990 release Bloodletting. Her voice still gives me goosebumps.

Here's the original video for 'Joey,' which not only got me hooked on Concrete Blonde and red velvet and powdering my face with baby powder, but also (surprise!) well on my way to high school goth-lite. Work those crimpers, Johnette!

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