Monday, February 05, 2007

Dammit dammit dammit.

"The worst thing that can happen in this scenario is that the studio just keeps hammering out changes and the writer falls into a horrible limbo of development," Whedon wrote. "(Warners and Silver) had the clarity and grace to skip that part. So I'm a free man."

Read: He was let go before the studio REALLY got going on hammering the soul out of the film, and now the new writer will fall into a horrible limbo of development. Oh, and...this movie is going to be awful.

What is wrong with the studio? Everything Joss Whedon touches lately, especially if it has to do with comic books, is brilliant. Just let the man work, for the love of god.

I hope fearing the film's sucktasticity is just my disappointment talking. In any case, with Whedon's departure from Wonder Woman it is now apparent that Ms. Gellar absolutely needs to come out of her star-of-Asian-horror-films-as-American-remakes-is-better-than-doing-Buffy delusions and do a Buffy film. You're the only thing stopping it, babe -- it's time.

In other, somewhat related, news: my sweetie has updated his blog and he now knows why the siren's call of librarianship has been so strong. I agree that there are more like him out there than one would think, and I would venture that they probably make the best librarians.


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