Monday, November 27, 2006

And while I'm bitching...

Mr. "Runs the red light 10 seconds after it has already turned red because the people in front of him are already blocking the cross traffic, so 'why the hell not?'" -- get off your bloody phone, put both hands on the wheel, and watch ME crossing the street. Good thing I don't rely blindly on the attention spans of drivers like you or else you'd owe me a new pair of legs and your firstborn.

Ever notice that my posts during the workday tend toward the more political and/or bitching slant? And the posts on my days off/in the evening tend toward the more sensual lovely aspects of life, e.g. art, music? Or they are completely spur of the moment inanity (see 24 ounce cups of tea). I've got to learn to be less predictable.


Blogger knaakwood said...

Yes, you must be less predictable, lest spies decipher ways to further infiltrate your world.
Underneath the predicability, the unpredictable spinning a secret web of mystery, magic, and magic mushrooms, and uh, stuff.

yeah man. Far out. Got any weed, dude?

No, I'm out Brother. I can't even rub two dimes together right now.

Uh huh, damn. Me Neither.. I'm about ready to huff some marker. It's been so dry, man.

I can't help you out there.

Shiit. I'll hit you up laters?

Sure, Later. Drop me a line if your packin'.

Aiight. Peace Yo..

November 28, 2006 at 2:05:00 PM PST  

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