Monday, October 02, 2006


Some more highly entertaining things in my life right this very second!

1) Nakamura Shidou

I recently saw Jet Li's new film, Fearless. Fantastic martial arts film. And while Mr. Li was impeccable as usual, the sets and martial arts sequences were stunning, and the moral of the story beautiful, both Trevor and I were absolutely inspired by the performance of Nakamura Shidou as Tanaka Anno.

I suppose it helps he's a total fox too.

Maybe my thinking has to do a little with my previous post about the Japanese government, but the message of unity and honor that he helped foster in the film was really striking to me. Of course, the actions of his character are the screenwriter's creation, and I have to hand it to Jet Li and Co for making a Chinese film that highlights Japanese as honorable, but Nakamura brought real integrity to the role. I felt proud to be Japanese!

And hot damn the man's a Kabuki actor t'boot. Sweet. Straight up, Nakamura Shidou is going to be a huge international success. Check him out in his next film, Letters From Iwo Jima.

2) Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey

Alright, yes, I've been about Sock Monkey for a long time, but the most recent issue got me thinking that everyone and their mom should be reading this comic. Witty and imaginative, this series has Millionaire's more adult-oriented Maakies characters Uncle Gabby and Mr. Crow reimagined and on all sorts of whimsical adventures involving all sorts of peculiar characters, and of course, a healthy dose of CALAMITY!

Uncle Gabby and Mr. Crow have a quaint and childlike charm to them, and their interactions with salty sea dogs, monsters from the air, "saucy thieves!," and a scrappy little doll named Inches are really delightful. Well worth picking up.

3) The Grudge 2 trailer

Okay, NOT actually one of the things entertaining me at the moment, because it is so fucking scary, and I don't do so fucking scary. But in honor of Halloween month, I think I'm going to try to post something scary in every post this month.

I saw the original Japanese film The Grudge was based on, Ju-On, when I was living in Japan in 2004, and that movie still has me freaked out 2 years later. No way in hell I'm seeing either American version, because the trailer for this second film scared the living daylights out of me.

4) My scaredy-cat wussiness when it comes to monsters, fake blood, being alone in the dark, my own imagination, etc.

The most entertaining thing here is seeing if I can keep to posting something scary in each post this month without scaring myself witless. Wish me luck, I really am a gigantic wuss.


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