Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I went skiing today in a blizzard. My hair froze, and though the snow was fluffy and soft like a dandelion puff, when the wind howls icy cold and dumps a fuckload of dandelion puffs in your face, it aint winter wonderland. I got off the lift with an inch of snow in my lap each time.

But it was marvelous! The snow was like icing sugar -- the best snow I've skied in my 25 years of staying alive with two sticks strapped to my feet. But the visibility left something to be desired, leaving us a guessing game of "is that a bump or a patch of sick-ass powder?" Not good for leaving with your knee joints in the same condition as when you arrived. So we cut a long swath down our favorite run and got a credit for our passes. Hopefully there will be snow when we get back from Nihonland.

While I'm slightly bitching, can I get a, "oh hell no" for my hometown barely scraping into the 21st century with a serious lack of wifi? Internet addict that I am, I had the sweats all day Sunday and until I could get into the Christian cafe downtown that offers "free" wifi (free as long as you don't mind religious popups). Gah! I hate being high-maintenance.

Nihon, in 9 days!


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