Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am really getting stoked on this NIN tour that Bauhaus is doing. I've been walking the boards over on bauhausmusik, and a NIN fan started a thread that is basically about the crossover fans and tour. He posted a link to the unofficial NIN board, and I took a peek. What nice folks, I must say! And so many people were saying things like, "NIN should be opening for Bauhaus" and talking about how legendary Bauhaus is. But the biggest thing is that there are a ton of NIN fans who have no idea who Bauhaus is, and they are curious.

I know everyone, including me, wants the boys to succeed. I also know that most everyone, including me, is really worried about how this will affect our relationship with the boys. Don't laugh, these boys have been very good to their fanbase over the years, and anyway y'all know "restraining order" is just another way to say "soul mates." That's a joke, for those of you who don't really know me. Seriously, though, Bauhaus is well-known for their personal connection to fans. A poster on David's forum commented about how that personal connection makes thing like the Wireless snafu mean more than it might normally, and in my opinion, also illustrates how people can jump the gun on the "sellout" idea when something like this happens:

Considering it in the coldest most businesslike way, they are a business and they are selling a product. We are their customers who paid for a product in good faith and now do not have the product or a refund. Absent both the product and the refund, an apology was owed and has been received. They do not owe me friendship or anything more than what they are selling which is CDs and concert tickets. The sweet and thoughtful notes and extra things that David sends when you order CDs from him are wonderful bonuses, not something I expect. And I would still buy the CDs without the bonuses, so he doesn't have to do that. He does it because he wants to. So the actual relationship between the band and their fans may not be friendship but is also not as cold and money-focused as a business-customer relationship. It's something in between. There is some emotion involved. On both sides, I think.

Word. And I might add, the ginormity of what they are on the precipice of has got to make this an intense time for all involved -- the boys, family, fans, management, the whole shebang. Emotion on both sides, and understanding from both sides as to how they are feeling, has to be acknowledged kindly and with patience.

So, in the long run I don't think that people are going to be disappointed in Bauhaus. Everyone wants "fame, fortune, fans, gold records, concerts, their name in lights." And we want Danny to have his swimming pool. This snafu was bad timing, that's all. I think my worry that they are getting too old, or that their fame will cause them to implode is just a bunch of bullshit. They will wear their fame brilliantly. I have faith in that. And judging by the reception they are getting on the NIN board and whatnot, this is their time.


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