Monday, August 11, 2008

China Remembers Its Own Local Schindler, John Rabe.

I, too, became familiar with Rabe only after reading Iris Chang's book, The Rape of Nanking. That book was a hard read. How we as humans can inflict such suffering, and also continue to allow such atrocities to go on presently around the world, makes my stomach turn.

While I applaud honoring Rabe as someone who literally saved tens of thousands of people from certain excruciating suffering and death, I can't help but be perplexed by how he could do such good while being a proud and active member of the Nazi party -- which was at the very least silent consent to the similar Nazi policies that reaped much more prevalent horrors in Europe. How could he do such noble deeds to fight mass slaughter of one people by another, yet continue to participate in a party quite obviously on its way to doing something similarly reprehensible?

It's an interesting conundrum that is difficult to reconcile, and I suppose I should feel blessed that my biggest worry in life is to contemplate it.

While searching out a link for Chang's book in Wikipedia and clicking through the pages, I did come across something that made me think, "those were the days." How different would our world be if people who hate others for the color of their skin or for their religious preferences or other random BS had to experience the result of what they sow and do this?


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