Thursday, July 10, 2008


In Japan, foreigners used as guinea pigs for police training.

No larger risk imaginable was recently forced upon a gaijin gimp by Narita Customs.

On May 26, a customs official planted 124 grams of cannabis in a [non-Japanese] tourist's bag. Why again? It was to train the sniffer dog.

Unbelievably, the bag got lost. Customs later tracked down the tourist and his bag at a Tokyo hotel. They publicly blamed one bad egg — and one bad dog.

However the Kyodo news agency now reports Narita has laced bags 160 times since last September. The Mainichi in English called it "common practice."

Never mind that anyone else doing this would be committing a crime. If the bag had got on a connecting flight to a place such as Singapore, the unwitting possessor could have been executed!

I'm used to hearing about Japanese police officers stopping foreigners, repeatedly and for no reason. But for this I'm speechless.



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