Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is why I shop at thrift stores!

Not that I've ever found something on this scale, but a girl can dream. I do get lucky on the small scale, usually via quality vintage pieces from high-end designers. I've also found a lucite purse or two.

But I long for my high school thrifting days, because it is getting much more difficult every year to find quality vintage at a decent price. This is because it is true what the article says: the folks at these shops are getting more skilled at recognizing the good stuff. But this also leads to overvaluing too -- hence my recent shock at a faded 80s Lacoste sweater for $25!

I also love to blame eBay for the influx of people who prowl the stores and snatch up anything and everything that could possibly sell for more than a dollar. Where's the love?

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