Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Two cool things I heard about today:

1) Corpus, the human body museum in the Netherlands.

Strap on 3-D glasses and watch holograms of cartoon sperm sprinting to fertilize an egg. Climb inside a gigantic nose, enjoy the smell of fresh hay, then feel the wind blast on your neck when it sneezes. Walk across a bouncy rubber tongue complete with taste buds and realistic burping noises in the background...[v]isitors begin their tour via an escalator that carries them through a wound in the giant figure's calf. Once inside, they see an exhibition on what happens when a wood splinter pierces the skin.

Awesome, possum.

2) Squee -- George Michael is touring the US. He apparently gave a pair of tickets away to every member of Ellen DeGeneres' studio audience the other day, and if you go to the Ellen website you can register to win a pair for the date closest to you.

Or you can, you know, register to win a pair to the San Jose show for me, because there is no way in hell I'm paying $55 for a nosebleed seat in an arena for anybody.

My rancor about outrageous ticket prices is especially well-documented, as is my habit of resorting to Gootube like a stiff drink in times of disappointment because of musical crisis.

Hey, it's like watching a show in an arena -- no singer in sight!

But this song + Linda Evangelista + a leather jacket on fire = class.

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