Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yippee! Today I spent hours poring through literally a hundred crates of used vinyl to score: Japanese versions of Bauhaus' Burning From the Inside, The Sky's Gone Out, and Mask. Plus I picked up David J's The Promised Land and a Japanese Should the World Fail to Fall Apart (by the Murph for you uninitiated), and other various non-Bauhaus-related records as well. Very reasonable too!

Cheers to "Recofan" in Shibuya!!! And to Yellow Pop for Japan's Tin Drum for a measly 9 bucks! Not that it's really that big a deal -- every store seems to have loads and loads of Japanese David Sylvian and Japan. Hmmm, wonder why? ;)

If any of y'all ever go Japan, I've discovered Shibuya is getting to be the place for record shopping, not Shimokitazawa anymore. And the new trend, it seems, is the specialization store. All reggae, all rockabilly, all classical, all electronica, and tons and tons of shops catering to DJs; in fact, Recofan and Yellow Pop were the only good shops I found that had a healthy selection of all types of music. I didn't go to Disk Union, but I may Saturday. The Shibuya store is supposed to be good, but the one in Kunitachi is just so-so, so it wasn't a high priority.

NP: Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven, Love and Rockets -- because I didn't find any Japanese LNR, especially this favorite of mine.


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