Monday, April 03, 2006

Yesterday I went shopping at that mecca of Japanese teenage cool, OIOI. I was on a mission for the ubiquitous Japanese face-blotting hanky, the best thing since sliced bread. But not just any old Japanese face blotting hanky -- Vivienne Westwood signature face blotting hankies! I had lusted after those little squares of kerchief the last time I was here, but couldn't bear the cost (around 3000 yen then). This time around, I decided I'm definitely worth at least one, and at OIOI I found them in spades. My heart leapt when I saw the neat little rows upon rows of colorful squares of kerchief. And then the price! 1100 yen!

But so sad, for some reason, her line for spring hankies are really, well, super ugly. Not even worth 1100 yen UGLY. It was not to be. I picked at the Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent dope old lady kerchiefs, but my disappointment couldn't get me in the buying spirit

So, to console myself, I went to UniQlo to drown my sorrows in bitchin' tees. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have really expanded, adding more women's trousers and accessories, and a very large men's section. They were closing in like 15 minutes, but I was still able to find a super tee with a deer on it for 980 yen, and a black zip hoodie with contrasting white lace on the inside that will work nicely for my homemade Bauhaus hoodie, for 1900 yen.

Alright, and y'all are gonna find this too funny, but I bought a fitted blazer at UniQlo for Trevor -- in black fleece, yo! But believe me when I say it is cut really well, and there is incredible attention to detail to whip it into shape and make it actually drape like a suit jacket. There are even 3 buttons on each cuff. And, unbelievable to me still, even while I hold it in my hands at this very moment -- it's made of sweatpants.

As I was making my way back to the train station, I passed a guy in a gorgeous cropped grey fleece Sgt. Pepper jacket. I now understand even less the plethora o' nasty oversized hiphop cum couch-potato fleece going on in Nihon right now after seeing how beautifully it can be done.

Three things I'm loving right now about Japanese fashion, besides delicious beautifully cut suit jackets made of sweatpants...

**patterned and lacy Peds worn with flats so that they fully show. Very nouveau punk, and a nice change from the legwarmers/flats look.

**boho chic + Japanese fashion sense = boho sleek. No baggy Olsen twins creepy shit here. Best look today: full grass green prairie skirt, worn with a long grey waffle-weave slouchy sweater and a fitted black parka with contrasting brown fur trim, and flat black riding boots. And a proper handbag! Plenty of sleek pieces to pull a slouchy look out of the gutter.

**Bubbleman tights EVERYWHERE!!!!


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