Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh neglect...

July is almost over and no post until now. Bad saudade.

But, but, it was my birthday week in the beginning of July! And I started a new job fundraising for a library, and my boy is off work, and it's summer.

Can I make it up to you?

My friend, the amazing illustrator Hanae Rivera, has just finished stunning oil pastel illustrations for her first children's book, Kodoku, by William Emery, out on Heyday Books in September 2012.

Look at all the pretty things!

Kodoku (solitude) is based on the true story of Kenichi Horie, the first yachtsman to sail solo across the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to California, in 1962. Hanae's rich  illustrations really evoke both the title of the book and the greater connectivity one can feel in the great, vast Pacific, teeming with life and energy.

Hanae's work is getting some great press; among other early accolades, she is Lightsource SF's artist of the month for July!

Do your bookshelf or coffee table a favor and pick up this gorgeous book -- kids or no kids -- or some sweet prints here, and support the work of this terrific artist.

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