Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have a problem with being annoyed about things I cannot really change, especially those small human defects we all have that very often result in scenarios that are really none of my business. Like going out to dinner the other night at a pizza joint, and the young lady at the table next to me ordering garlic and pineapple on her slice ("hmmm" I thought, "that's exactly what I was going to order"). She then sent it back when it arrived as she had ordered it, and bagged on the waiter to her friend while waiting for her replacement slice (though she took the offending slice on the house as well). She had apparently forgotten she asked for garlic (or maybe she was just super-stoned). Either way, lame.

And lame that I even care! Hating on entitlement, working class solidarity, annoyed by people with bad memories, or just plain sad -- call it what you want, but that kind of shit just makes me crazy. Feel my pain -- it sucks!

So as you can imagine I've refrained out of self-preservation from posting about the really big fuck-yous that our humanness hands us, like AIG and all of the banking crooks who are in the process of using taxpayer bailouts to pay millions in bonuses and renovation of their headquarters, among other things. And that is because it fills me with so much annoyance -- nay, rage -- and helplessness that I can hardly see straight -- don't need to be reminded of that on my blog!

But this bit in the New York Times today is worth it:

A.I.G. Revenge Is All the Rage, but It Isn’t Healthy

Maybe it’s time to take a deep calming breath. Some people already have, no matter how deep their economic suffering. They are finding constructive ways to channel the anger they’ve been feeling — outlets that quell the instinct to throw a rock through the window of somebody’s mansion.

Joe Maysonet, the fitness manager at the Printing House Fitness and Squash Club in Manhattan, said there has been a rush of new attendees at boxing classes. Punching a human-shaped rubber dummy is especially popular.

While fists fly, trainers yell inspiration like, “You’re punching your money back into your pockets!” he said. “You’re punching that portfolio you used to have!”

Ha ha...humbug.

Though I do like this bit:

The dummy, Mr. Maysonet said, will not press charges. “He’s withstood it all,” he said. “Just like our country.”

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