Thursday, January 29, 2009

While we wait for the Proposition 8 saga to play out in the courts, a little bit of sweet justice:

Prop 8 Campaign Can't Hide Donors' Names

Lawyers for Protect Marriage, sponsor of the constitutional amendment [outlawing same-sex marriage in California] that won voter approval Nov. 4, said contributors have already faced consumer boycotts, picketing and even death threats after the state posted their names and other information in mandatory campaign reports.

They argued that the law requiring disclosure of all donors of $100 or more interfered with the campaign's right to participate in the political process and should be struck down, modified to raise the dollar limits, or at least not applied to contributors to the measure outlawing same-sex marriage.

They want special treatment to have the law " least not applied to contributors to the measure outlawing same-sex marriage." Are they for real? And actually, let's be clear exactly what these folks did: they provided financial support to a measure stripping gay couples of their rights to marriage, rights granted by the California Supreme Court months earlier.

So we should just make an exception any time there is any controversial measure up for a vote by which support (or opposition) could result in death threats? Please. There are yuppie tools in my building who would post a death threat on Yelp for feeling neglected by a waitress.

So what's the real reason behind the request for exemption? Could it be that the fallout is more enduring and more damaging than supporters expected, especially as it is becoming more clear to people -- even some supporters -- that is was WRONG and SHAMEFUL to support Proposition 8?

Hmmmmm, and boycotts can be bearable, but not coupled with a recession.

If you're unwilling to stand up for your beliefs, and are afraid of consumer boycotts because of said beliefs, then you are a coward and a slimy, hypocritical liar. And oh yes, I have checked the list and I have made my calls and written my letters and initiated boycotts, as have many of my friends.

And if you're ashamed of it being publicized that you are on the wrong side of history, then simply make the right decision. There is nothing wrong with gay marriage (and it's coming, it's just a matter of time), just like there was and is nothing wrong with mixed-race marriage. Yet the opponents of gay marriage use the same tired arguments that mixed-race marriage opponents did years ago. And just look how the opposition fared in the history books.

It's a sad truth that every Proposition 8 supporter who gave $100 or more to the campaign will be immortalized in history as backward and ignorant. Can you imagine 20 years from now, when these folks' children or grandchildren learn about the history of gay civil rights and their names pop up on a Prop 8 supporter list? That's right, they'll be filed right alongside the fools that preceded them. It will happen -- viva la internets!


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