Sunday, January 04, 2009

I recently got a hit on my blog for the Googled phrase, "open mouth, o wisp." The hit came from a link to my January 2007 archives where I discuss Trevor's poetry, as well as a 2003 poem containing this phrase by friend and ex-Oaklander Michael Cross (who has just had this poem published in a chapbook, In Felt Treeling: A Libretto, by Chax).

So what if Captain Copyright was actually looking for a download of the album, Open Mouth, o Wisp, by the Oakland band Gorge Trio? More interesting to me is that I discovered this band (noisy fun) and that this album, released in 2004 after a three-year process, begs the question -- chicken or egg?

Also more interesting, yet unsurprising, to me is that the chapbook is fucking brilliant. Can't say it enough. Get it here.

Moving on, this isn't meant to be a post to wonder at the myriad ways someone gets to one's blog. Or to merely pimp Michael's achingly amazing work. It is, ultimately, about me!

I took the opportunity to re-read some of my earlier blog posts from almost exactly one year ago, and further back than that. Holy smokes, did I blog (and rant) a lot more, and IMHO about a lot of interesting stuff!

Since I've been so ho-hum in the blogging department lately, this was a somewhat depressing revelation.

What could it be? I have been pondering this over the last couple of days. Am I not inspired? Drinking too much (or too little)? Devoid of drama?


When I started this blog, I had just stepped hesitantly into my thirties. I worked in a soul-numbing job at the wholly irritating and taxpayer-dollar-hemorrhaging State of California, and my place of employment had just moved from an easy bike ride from my apartment to a 45 minute car commute to an industrial wasteland. I was beginning my second Master's degree widowship, with three years to go obstructing my view of any light at the end of the tunnel. My best friend was readying herself to leave for Asia, with no plans to return.

In other words, I had the luxury of a lot of Western annoyances to bitch about.

Now, I am fully immersed in the mid-thirties and I feel I'm at my very best physically and mentally. I have a soul-affirming job that uses its donor-based funding reasonably well, can be only slightly irritating, and is a bike ride away from my place. The hubby has finished his degree (anyone looking for a librarian/archivist/information wrangler?), and my bestie is readying for her USA comeback.

The verdict? I have been at my most prolific, thoughtful, and interesting as a blogger when I have been miserable. I have been lazy and negligent in my blogging when I have been a happy camper. A generalization for sure, but oi, how terrible!

I'm not one for resolutions, but let's just say I'm going to try to be a more thoughtful blogger. Well-composed dissections of art and music don't have to come to life only whilst going through the motions of a boring job, right? Rants don't necessarily have to be born from anger and misery, non? And machinations to rule the world don't need to be wrought from aspirations to kill everyone around you (I hope).

So friends, I do resolve to once again earn your readership, quite possibly without being a hater.

And hopefully that means I will post more than once a month! :)

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