Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Alexander McQueen for Target.


I LOVE McQueen for his whimsy and tough girl looks. And he is my main squeeze for leather leggings and fur guilt.


If I'm truthful, I'm a little underwhelmed. This collection seems quite plain, and a little bit generic H&M/Topshop indie rock and roll basic. There are some cute pieces with a bit of quirky interest, like this vest. Also, this swimsuit is very cute. Waiting and excited to see the collection in person in March, but first visuals look a little, well, cheap.

I know. I'm complaining. About Alexander McQueen. At Target. Ignore me.

One more thing: Check out this nouveau 80s photo shoot for Paris Vogue with real 80s teen modeling sensation turned chicken-eating action hero, Milla Jovovich. Unwearable, but what a brilliant and gorgeous shoot!

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