Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh Oklahoma, I know it's unlikely, but please please join the 21st century and salvage some bit of basic humanity by booting this woman's ass to the curb.

Forget about her ridiculous ideas that gay people wanting civil rights and equal protection under the law are the "cancer in the little toe" of America (haha, gotta love it!) and that this is "worse than terrorism" for a moment. What about calling Islam -- not fundamentalist extremism -- a threat to a nation that was built on religious freedom?

What about your fundamentalist extremist Christian agenda, Ms. Sally Kern, State Representative for Oklahoma? Is it to eliminate other religions in this country, eliminate separation of church and state? Indoctrinate the children so that they think exactly like you want them to, and trash who your god (who is weeping, mind you) deems unfit? I think so.

What if I agreed with you and let you go to town on the gay "cancer" in the United States, the gay "indoctrination" of the children? And looked the other way while millions of gays and other "undesirables" (obviously Muslims, but why not Jews? The disabled? Uppity women? And race traitors and their progeny, like me) were eliminated because, dammit, they were destroying our country? My, what a strong, beautiful -- and most important, enduring -- nation we would have, Ms. Sally Kern.

Oh wait, that already happened somewhere. Nazi Germany.

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