Wednesday, December 05, 2007

In this episode...

Oh sweet mother of everything holy and fun:

...accompanied by a hefty side of WTF?

...and washed down with this exchange between my hubby and a patron at his library gig:

Patron: I need a law dictionary.

Hubby: Here you go (hands patron Black's Law Dictionary).

Patron walks away and sits down at a table, but then immediately returns to the reference desk.

Patron: Uh, can I have a smaller law dictionary? A law dictionary?

Hubby: Oh, so you want a smaller, little dictionary?

Patron: Yes, and this says Black's Law Dictionary, but I'm not black.


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Blogger Tink said...

and this is why I love you, because you found this and you brought it to us, your friends, to share. Dude that groom is totally into his wedding and I love that, and some of his moves are so spot on, and even though I already saw grownups doing this same tribute to MJ's pre-surgery genius in the Jennifer Garnier vehicle "13 going on 30" (perfect for one of those nights you feel like you want to chuck it all and become a screenwriter and are looking for assurance that anyone could write a movie script; order pizza, comfort food is good for those planning your life moments, oh and get beer because everything is funnier if you have a little buzz) despite all that, this is still charming and I hope they are still happily rockin to golden oldies together.

December 7, 2007 at 4:04:00 AM PST  

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