Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The newest issue of XANTIPPE is in full effect. And as such, so is Trevor's excellent review of Elizabeth Willis' fourth volume of poetry, Meteoric Flowers.

Beginning with the end...

Meteoric Flowers begins with an inscription from Wallace Stevens: “A poem is a meteor.” Willis demonstrates her intimate understanding of this metaphor by creating a text that, as its title suggests, enacts a meteoric cascade: the book’s fecundity of metaphors, ideas, as well as its disarming syntax and local fragmentary meanings do indeed, like meteors, burn brightly, explode on impact, and, as science has told us, seed new life.


You can find out how to order XANTIPPE 4/5 for yourself -- to not only fully experience the rest of Trevor's review, but the extreme poetic stylings of many a name gently murmered by the lyrically inclined -- here.

But what of Ms. Willis? I feel you. Check some previously published meteoric goodness in No: A Journal of the Arts.

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