Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm truly disappointed
truly truly truly...

Like a total lameass I didn't buy tickets for the sold-out Paramount Morrissey show May 1st. Got the first pang Friday talking with my friend Miranda, who was on her way to the "Bob Hope Theater" show in Stockton. Then driving home today, I was listening to Viva Hate and Bona Drag. And just like all the cheap old fogeys who have come before me, I rationalized, and thought, "$47.50 (or $85.50, for the good seats...or, one gazillion dollars if you're some opportunistic soulless ticket-selling ass on craigslist) to see Morrissey?! In '91 I saw him for $20 general admission, at the frikken Greek, I'll tell you what! Whatever, I don't need to see that show. I have my precious memories."

I'm so spoiled from seeing excellent bands like Fugazi and The Make Up for less than $10 in spaces where every spot is a good spot, and soloists like Neko Case and David J in small clubs for $15 or $20. And bitch please, I just saw Xiu Xiu -- the most incredible show ever -- for $12. The most I've paid for a ticket in the last 10 years was probably Bauhaus, and that was just $35. It seems $35 has become my limit. I'm a music lover, not a fighter, and I'm all about people getting paid, but a little slack on the ticket prices is in order!

So anyway, I know I'm talking myself into nothing with these arbitrary "limits" because just seeing this little nugget (hee!) from the John Ascuaga's *ahem* Celebrity Showroom show in Sparks, NV was enough to make me shake my fist and beat my breast for bunking out on buying tickets. The Boy With the Thorn in His Side! Goo.

when you want to live,
how do you start?
where do you go?
who do you need to know?

Haha, apparently I need to know someone with enough money to NOT balk at a $50 ticket for nosebleed seats.

(BTW, The Bob Hope Theater? John Ascuaga's Nugget? The Paramount? The Moz may or may not be worth $100 after Ticketbastard fees, but he is all old-school class.)


Blogger Trevor said...

Hah! Plus a cheap bastard for your man probably doesn't help. I'll tell you what that boy's thorn-in-his-side probably was: poor personal finance management, that's what. ;p

April 30, 2007 at 12:23:00 AM PDT  

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