Monday, April 09, 2007

I've had a lifelong self-imposed ban on whiskey, probably because of the fact that my (as well as probably most Americans') introduction to whiskey was the sickly sweetness of Jack Daniel's, and pinky-tastes of my Dad's Jim Beam and 7-Up he would let me mix for him after he got off work. Not only do I loathe almost** all sweet drinks, but I especially don't like drinks that taste like maple cough syrup. Ugh.

**barring Coca-Cola. Good lord I like myself a Coca-Cola every now and again. I don't drink it much because I try to avoid high-fructose corn syrup. But thanks to my honey I am now in possession of 12 two-liter bottles of the elusive Passover Coca-Cola. Hee!

So, yes, anyway, never thought I liked whiskey. But recently I've really been getting into Scotch whisky, particularly single-malt Highland or Speyside Scotch. I don't even know enough about them to begin an analysis, but I do know that mossy, smoky, and peaty is definitely my thing. And no mixing -- ever! If I'm going to spend good money on liquor (and life is too short to drink bad alcohol), dammit if I'm not drinking it straight.

Alright, but I do like to have a Grey Goose or Ketel One Citron greyhound or Bloody Mary. Got me there. But that's vodka. Completely different subject. Vodka has a cleaner taste, and any impurities or glaring defects can come through. Bad vs. good vodka is like The Horrors or She Wants Revenge vs. The Cramps or Joy Division. Careful mixing, even by a professional, can't hide crap derivative of a classic.

Another thing about booze and me: as much as I would like to partake in tastings, more than one drink an hour, and hell, even the occassional bacchanal, I am usually relegated to driver, and why? Because of the dreaded Asian Flush. This is not just redness, people. It's every capillary throbbing on the surface of your skin, heart palpatations, and a Russian roulette consisting of will there be queasiness after a couple of drinks tonight, or not? Today though, I think I may have found something that heralded like angels from heaven: I may avoid this curse with the simple application of Pepcid AC.

It's not like I want to be an alcoholic, just enjoy a lovely drink without looking and feeling like a roasted tomato. Wish me luck!


Blogger Trevor said...

Sweet--now we can really go booze it up!

And I know you said no mixing, but what about some delicious Kosher Coke and Whiskey? A marriage made somewhere between Jerusalem and Tennessee...

April 10, 2007 at 6:59:00 PM PDT  

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